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IOU Sports Top 10 Summer Activites

IOU Sports Top 10 Summer Activites

No. 10: Summer Cleaning

Summer time gives you the perfect opportunity to go through all your old toys and clothes and get rid of what you don’t need any more. Instead of boxing it up and storing it for months in your basement or attic, you can put it straight into your garage sale and earn some extra bucks for slurpees and waterslide passes!

Summer Cleaning


No. 9: Women’s Professional Fast Pitch

Girls of Summer? Why yes, the Chicago Bandits women professional fast pitch.  See these women in action for one of America’s old time favorites.

Women’s Professional Fast Pitch


No. 8: Fly a Kite

What do you do when it’s a nice day out, but just a little bit too windy? Why, fly a kite, of course! Find a park, beach or large open field with few to no trees that will get in the way, run like the wind and let your kite soar.

Go Fly a Kite


No. 7: Water Fight!

It’s hot out. You’ve got some friends together. And about 50 water balloons. But there’s nothing to do. Wait a second…water fight! Nothing beats the heat better than popping a water balloon over your head or getting drenched by a super soaker.

Water Fight

No. 6: Scavenger Hunt

If your parents or friends’ parents aren't too busy, ask them to set up a scavenger hunt for you! It could be around the house, around the yard or around the block. Maybe the winner could get a prize, like a free ice cream!

Scavenger Hunt


No. 5: Pool Time

If you have access to a pool, cool off with some pool time. If you’re not into lounging and catching some rays, play games like marco polo, relay races, or, if you have access to sinkable toys, have an underwater scavenger hunt!

Pool Time


No. 4: Picnic in the Park

Nothing says summer like a picnic in the park. Pack some sandwiches, vegetables, crackers and cheese and juice boxes, and head out to your local park with your family or friends for a nice outdoor lunch in the sun.

Picnic in the Park


No. 3: Get Active

You spend 10 months of the year sitting at your desk in school. So while the weather is nice, get outside and get active! Ride your bike, rollerblade or jump rope with some friends. Or play outdoor sports, like Frisbee, badminton or soccer, in your backyard or local Park.

Get Active


No. 2: WNBA Chicago Sky Games

When the weather is good, why waste your time sitting at home when you could be at a WNBA Chicago Sky Game.  Watch women’s basketball at its best…Pro Style!

Women’s Professional Basketball



Taking the number one spot in our top 10 list of summer activities is our All Sports Camp. It encompasses everything - sunshine, outdoor sports, picnics, and braving new adventures. Nothing defines the ultimate summer activity better than having fun with your old and new friends!

All Sports Camp


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