IOU Sports Radio & Podcasts

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Let's Talk Women's Sports on the Big 920 AM and (iHeart Podcast) 

IOU Sports Let's Talk Women Sports Show focuses on how the organization's effects use sports to empower and educate girls in the Milwaukee area. 


The show also focuses on Women Sports including the Milwaukee ACES and other women sports team in the state and across the country. 


Listeners will hear in-depth sports conversations from Coaches, Players, and other key players who are part of IOU Sports and World of Women Sports 


The radio stations on-air peronality Mitch Nelles, aka "Thunder" serves as the host on the weekly show to help engage listeners 


Bernell Hooker, aka "Coach B" and Desha Smith-Jenkins, aka "Yung Blood" will lead the show with current news, scores, and interviews from the Women's Sports Industry.


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