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The Girls and Women Sports Alliance

You are invited to become a member of the IOU Sports Girls and Women Sports Alliance in celebration of sport in our great city! Together, we will recognize the achievements of our athletes, officials and sport builders and move closer to the goal of being a fit and active community.  The IOU Sports Girls and Women Sport Alliance (GWSA) is always accepting membership from sporting groups, local businesses and private citizens at an annual membership rate listed below.  The following highlights the benefits of membership:


  1. To facilitate communication and build a network of support among local and national sport organizations for Girls/Women.

  2. To include Pro Women Sport Teams and Athletes with the GWSA

  3. To align Women-Owned Businesses with sports organizations and athletes.

  4. To develop and maintain a database which details organizations and businesses,

  5. To facilitate the sharing of information about new and best practices, sports careers, programs and resources that concern/target girls and women in sport.



  1. Create and maintain a login website for members.

  2. Member’s only forum for networking

  3. Website link to your organization giving increased visibility

  4. Develop a calendar of known opportunities for events/networking

  5. Publicize and promote events, games, programs, workshops, forums, etc. of members.

  6. Discount for members at IOU Sports and affiliates sponsored events


Collaboration is key for success at the personal and organizational level


Whether we played team sports in our personal lives or not, as leaders, we all understand the power of collaboration. Each of us plays multiple roles - at home, in our social circles, and at work. And in each of these settings, we can’t succeed alone. We are where we are and can continue to grow only through partnering and collaborating with others. But this also means we need to be good team players and give back to those around us.



Registration is easy and affordable – the application is online.

Members can be any sports organization operating within Milwaukee County, any individual or any business interested in the betterment of sport in our city.

How to sign up:

Please fill out the form below in order to become a member and then choose your membership plan and include payment. Thanks for your support!

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